UI Design · Webflow Development
2021 ·  4 weeks project

How we design & build a high-conversion marketing landing page.

About Sol-X

SOL-X is a leading Behavioral Based Safety company centered on human factors.​ SOL-X was founded in California, USA by a team of seasoned technologists, maritime and safety experts. It is now headquartered in Singapore. SOL-X combines deep industry knowledge with IoT capabilities and predictive AI. SOL-X focuses on improving safety and compliance outcomes, increasing operational productivity, and enhancing crew wellbeing.

The Challenges

The team at Sol-X asked natuno team to redesign their marketing website.

Currently, the website is not displaying a relevant information to Sol-X customers and the conversion rate is low. The goal is to re-structure the website and increase the conversion rates.

What We Do

Problem Identifying
We look into the old website design and content structure and conclude that one of the problem are Sol-X potential customers cannot see what Sol-X use cases for their companies.

With that in mind, we try to explore different solution for the website overall look and information structures, focused on content-first design.

To make sure that the Sol-X team can maintain and expand the website easily, we choose Webflow as the main development tools and framework.

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