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Customer Research & Understanding

Research your market, competitors and product, to find out which message and positioning that are suitable for your business.
Talk with your customers, to gain data, pain points and valueable insights to improve your product.
Ensuring your product is user-friendly and intuitive enough for your target market/audiences.
Create design blueprint that address both your business and customer’s needs.
Timeline:   2-3 weeks
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Interface &
Visual Design

Craft beautiful and usable mobile apps or websites that explain your product’s value and brand message.
Initiate and modify design system kit for your brand.
Ensure all product feature and use cases is seamlessly integrated into your customer’s journey.
Work with writer and illustrators to create unique visuals that enhance the overall customer experience within your product ecosystem.
Timeline:   2-8 weeks
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Content Design
& Copywriting

Create compelling storytelling for your product.
Craft custom-made illustrations and graphic asset to support your product’s user experience.
Design and write copy that helps people understand your value propositions.
Maintaining brand look & feel across all of your digital product funnel.
Timeline:   2-3 weeks
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Website Development & Implementation

Bring your design into live with latest tech stack.
Build custom CMS for your website and web app service.
Utilizing no-code solution that requires minimum maintenance with webflow,
Ensure your website is launched successfully and maintained correctly.
Timeline:   3-10 weeks
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Raise additional rounds of funding
Grow revenue or conversion somewhere between 40-120%
Aligned  brand, marketing and product vision
Grow market share and revenue
Increase in customer satisfaction rate
Launch an MVP in weeks, not months