Research · UI/UX Design
2020 ·  5 weeks project

How we helped design Indonesia's most user-friendly cryptocurrency apps

The Context

Pintu, a leading Indonesian platform for buying, selling, and investing in cryptocurrency, envisioned a future beyond just trading.

Their ambition? To become a comprehensive crypto bank, offering innovative financial services like peer-to-business (P2B) or pooled lending and borrowing.

This would empower users to earn interest on idle assets and amplify their holdings through collateralized trading.

The Challenge

Cryptocurrency can be a complex and intimidating world, especially for newcomers. Pintu approached Natuno  with a critical question: how can we design a user experience that feels friendly, approachable, and secure, even for those unfamiliar with how crypto finance works?

This challenge demanded a solution that transcended traditional financial interfaces, fostering trust and confidence for users of all experience levels.

The Solution

We embraced a user-centered design approach to bridge the gap between Pintu's vision and user needs. Through in-depth interviews, we delved into the experiences of a diverse range of users, from seasoned crypto traders to complete beginners.

This research allowed us to identify specific pain points and understand the anxieties associated with navigating cryptocurrency wallets and trading apps.

The Winning Formula:
Usability Testing Informs a User-Friendly Design

Building on the user research, we developed low-fidelity prototypes to rapidly iterate and test different design solutions. Usability testing with 10 participants provided invaluable feedback.

This iterative process resulted in a final design that prioritized a clean and intuitive interface, ensuring features were easily discoverable with clear instructions and visual cues. 

We employed a minimalist approach, avoiding overwhelming users with technical jargon or complex functionalities. Educational resources were strategically placed to empower users and build confidence as they explore the exciting world of crypto finance.

The Impact

The success of this user-centered design approach is reflected in the positive user reviews on the Play Store. Users consistently highlight Pintu's ease of use compared to competitor apps.

This user-friendly experience, combined with Pintu's core value propositions like low transaction fees, creates a strong first impression and paves the way for continued user adoption and Pintu's growth as a leading crypto bank.

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