Research · UI/UX Design
2020 ·  5 weeks project

How we helped designing Indonesia's most user-friendly cryptocurrency apps.

The Challenge

The team at Pintu reached Natuno team to support their early-stage product design and make the user experience feels more friendly, since cryptocurrency trades feels intimidating to manage and unsecure, let alone through your phone.

This is especially true for people who are new to cryptocurrency trading.

What We Do

We brought in some concept prototypes and test it out to 10 different users. The goal of the process is to understand the users pain points when using cryptocurrency wallet, or trading app. By doing this, we can determine the best way to address their problems using both simple yet functional design solutions.

The Final Design

We approached the project with a low fidelity design and created our initial UI iteration.

Usability testing made a huge difference to the design, since it enabled us to find several critical information.

For example, even though each organization might have different ways to recruit, but we discovered that most organizations consider the number of the working hour a volunteer previously makes it more preferable for them to choose. That is what informed us in the iteration from first to the second iteration.

The Impact

One of the main reviews from their Playstore highlighted how Pintu is considered to have a better user experience compared to other crypto-based apps. It is especially perceived easy for users.

The user-friendly, combined with their main value propositions )such as low crypto transaction fee) helps Pintu give a positive first impression to pave their way into the future for through their first release.

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