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Transporting You into the World of Comics

Our Collaboration with Kometh for the Ultimate Digital Comic Experience

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Landing Page UI Design & Webflow Development

The Context

Kometh reached out to us with a wish to improve their website's landing page. They wanted to create a "wow" factor that reflected the comic world and left visitors eager to dive deeper into the site.

And so, our collaboration with Kometh began - with the shared goal of providing comic readers with the ultimate digital comic experience.

The Kickoff Meeting

At the kickoff meeting with Kometh, we listened to their wishes, goals, and vision for their landing page. We took notes and learned that they wanted a more "comic" style to reflect their platform.

Kometh's team expressed that their previous landing page was not up to par with their brand identity, as it lacked the creative spark that truly embodied their mission. They wanted their new landing page to be a reflection of their passion for comics.

meeting screen

The Enchanting Wireframing

Next, we sprinkled some fairy dust and set to work on crafting low-fi wireframes on Whimsical. We proposed creating two separate pages to cater to the different types of users: comic collectors and comic artists. To accomplish this, we focused on revamping both the collectors and artists-facing pages.

The collectors facing page is where general users land when they visit the website, while the artists facing page is where the creators showcase their work.

Our goal at this stage was to finalize the content and layout before moving on to the high-fidelity design. We worked alongside the Kometh team, having feedback sessions that were nothing short of magical to ensure that everything aligned with their wishes.

Collector Page
Artist Page

The Mystical Moodboarding

The next step is to create the high-fidelity design, but before that, we had to prepare moodboards to seek inspiration and references.

We created three moodboards and explored different themes, brainstorming with the Kometh team to decide on the final theme.

Early Concepts
early concept
early concept
early concept

And the Magic Sprinkles ✨

Once we had the perfect moodboard in place, we wasted no time and began creating the high fidelity design immediately. The illustrations and characters used in this website revamp project were provided by the Kometh team. We also worked with a web developer to help bring our design and vision to life.

Throughout this phase, there were several feedback sessions that involved us, the developers, and the Kometh team. We encountered a few technical constraints that necessitated changes to the original concept of the "wow factor", but we eventually reached a happy medium.

Finally, after all the enchanting work was done, we had a website that Kometh could be proud of and ready to launch!

The Result #3

Building Your Personal Brand

When applying for jobs, users must prepare a CV or resume. However, the problem is that many apply with incomplete CVs or for non-matching job vacancies.

Our design research revealed the need for a more supportive CV completion process. Our solution: a progressive guidance system for an enhanced form-filling flow.

To achieve this, we designed a guidance page with a completeness indicator and helpful tips for users. We ensured a continuous flow between different pages, providing an effortless navigation experience between different pages.


The Result

We may not have magic wands, but we sure know how to make a website shine! We didn't settle for an average landing page for Kometh, oh no. We added some serious flair to make visitors stop in their tracks and say "wow!"

Collectors Page - Where the Adventure Begins!

Get ready to discover, purchase, and collect a wide variety of amazing comics! Our revamped Collectors Page is the ultimate starting point for comic enthusiasts everywhere.

before redesign kometh website
after redesign kometh
early concept
early concept

Experience an Epic Comic Adventure

The featured comic section is loaded with an interactive feature and eye-catching video asset from the Kometh team as the background.

Hover over the comic collection and watch as a captivating interaction unfolds. Don't miss out on this immersive experience - start exploring now and see the wow factor for yourself!

featured comics cover
featured comics
featured comics
Sipher Odyssey
featured comics
Sipher Odyssey
featured comics

Artists Page - Your Creative Playground!

Attention all artists - this one's for you! Our newly designed Creators Page is the perfect place to showcase and sell your amazing work to fans all around the world.

final banner kometh

Explore the Ultimate Digital Comic Experience

And guess what? The new landing page has officially launched! It's like a portal to a whole new world of comics, perfectly capturing the essence of Kometh's unique "comic" style. So what are you waiting for? Jump in and let the adventure begin!

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