Research · UI/UX Design
2021 ·  Long Term Partnership

How we helped the Kargo Shipper to design it’s internal product to improve the processes in handling customers.


Kargo is here to transform Indonesia's logistics industry using technology. They try to reimagine logistics to make them more efficient and effective.

As the logistics needs increasing, Kargo needed an integrated technology system for the sales team to ease the work and maximize sales management.

To accomodate the needs, we worked together with Kargo to redesign the internal product to make it well-integrated and easy to access for its internal team.


Kargo's sales team previously used manual management in doing their activity. To fasten the sales activity, they needed us to make a digital integrated system.  

We have a big challenge to make the apps have the right functionality and are easy to use so that the users don't have any issues transforming their manual sales management into digital sales management. We were not only making a digital transformation, but we had to make apps that meet user’s needs.

Research Activities

We processed the testing result carefully as users have clear expectations regarding the transformation.

By having a digital transformation, users wanted to have an easier and faster experience in managing the sales. We processed the testing result into a functional and accessible design. We had to make sure our work fits their needs.

Utilizing one source for design consistency

We explored the design to meet the users' needs but still tried to keep Kargo's design consistency.

We created several new components to adapt to the needs and provided design annotations along with design rationale. We also did a usability test to validate the visibility and see if users find the problem with the component. When the design was approved, we also added behavior and interaction notes on each screen to give clarity to the engineers.

Real-time Tracker Notification

Kargo’s sales team often has delayed updating information regarding the shipment status of the shippers. Real-time information on shipment status is important for the teams to evaluate Kargo's services.

We designed a real-time tracking system that will directly notify the sales team of the shipment status of the shippers. Having a real-time tracker notification is helpful for the sales team to communicate with the shippers and ease the business process. We provided a notification feature that has detailed information about the shipment status that the team can easily access.

Easily Record Multi Shipments

Kargo has many shippers that want to expand or multiply their shipments. To accommodate those needs, the Kargo sales team wanted to quickly record the multiple shipments of the shippers so that they can monitor the shipment status with ease.

We designed a system for the Kargo sales team to create single or multiple shipments of the shippers. We also enhanced the ability for the sales team can check the shipment status, including detailed information regarding the delivery duration of the shippers.

Manage Contracts with More Focus

The Kargo sales team previously managed contracts between shipper and transporter manually using Google Sheets. They needed to record and organize the contracts in an integrated platform to make their job easier.

We designed a system to give the sales team ease in creating contracts via mobile apps. We provided an integrated system so that the contracts will be automatically recorded into Kargo's system.

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