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2022 ·  4 weeks project

How we helped Bananas to create easy, quick, and enjoyable grocery shopping experiences

Project Background

Today, people have adapted to the new-normal life. One form of adaptation is the changing habits of consumers to shop for daily needs, especially in urban communities. Consumers who are used to leaving the house to shop, they now prefer to stay at home.

The consumer who prefer to stay at home make the demand for quick commerce industry or commonly called Q-Commerce began to increase, especially in Indonesia. Q-Commerce offers solution for an easy & fast grocery shopping experience. By 2021, the Q-Commerce industry alone is valued at around $25 billion, and is expected to grow to $72 billion by 2025.

The Challenges

Bananas came to us when they had a idea to create an easy, quick, and enjoyable grocery shopping experiences, and they asked us to make their ideas come true.

We worked with them to design the app from scratch, along with the website.

What We Do

01 - Understanding
Stakeholders are a critical part of every project we do. Hence, the first step is to map the stakeholders associated with the project; the customers, Bananas founders and management team, and suppliers. This phase is critical to ensure that understand how we can help Bananas achieve goals. Every stakeholder has a different need, and looking how each needs can support one another will help the product design.

02 - Desk Research
After that, we started by conducting competitive benchmarks to identify what aspects are needed in Q-Commerce products and find out the pros and cons of competitors' products.We use this as a reference but ultimately, we want to solve what has been a pain in customer's perspective in grocery shopping.

03 - Wireframing
In this step, we create wireframe to visualize our ideas, and also we gather early feedback about the designs and flow before spending too much time in actual development. We also discussed a lot to make a shopping flow from the process of selecting goods to payment very easy and fast, as this is an important goal that wants to be achieved by Bananas.

04 - Interface Visual Design
After several feedback session and iteration, the wireframe and flow were approved, and we can continued to transform the approved wireframe into a hi-fi design, and at the same time created a style guide.

The style guide are important to maintain design consistency and also it can be used again in the future development so Bananas team can save their time and cost.

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