Did you know? According to a CMO Council insight, 9 out of 10 B2B buyers say that internet content or website affects their decisions to buy in a moderate to major way. This demonstrates how crucial it is in the current era to ensure that your B2B product or service has a notable online presence.

With this data, you surely don’t want to miss a chance to gain more customers through your website, right? Learn more about how you can optimize your B2B website and transform it into an effective marketing funnel.

How To Increase Your B2B Sales?

Let's examine some key points you should keep in mind on how to boost B2B sales before delving deeply into website optimization.

Define your ideal customer profile and buyer persona

B2B Sales Website
Source: https://salespop.net/sales-management/how-to-find-your-ideal-customer-profile/

Prior to making any marketing and sales strategies, you should know your target customers. What kinds of companies would be the suitable customers? Who are the people you need to reach with your marketing and sales campaigns?

Do in-depth research about the company, the industry, their business goals, main challenges, buying behaviour, decision-making authority etc. The more specific information you can get, the better. 

Differentiate yourself from competitors

Finding a niche can help you to create a more loyal customer base, establish your expertise, and ultimately boost revenue. One way to do this is by doing research on the industry. What has been done and what problems still occur out there? And that’s where you can tap in.

Sell solutions, not products

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Now that you want to offer your products or services, let’s cut to the chase. Your potential customers won’t have much time to listen to long speeches about the products by the salesperson.

They would rather know how you intend to solve their issue and help them grow their business. So consider using an elevator pitch technique, where you can quickly present solutions to the problems.

Integrate the sales and marketing strategy

While  marketing focuses on building awareness of your company to potential customers, sales focuses on making those potential customers into the real one to  generate revenue. These two might have a slightly different approach on view things, but they should be on the same page and complement each other.

Be present online

These days, having an online presence might help you generate more revenue. When seeking for a business solution, 62% of purchasers identified web search as one of their top three resources. When they do find one, they'll probably make a deal out of it. Because of this, you shouldn't pass up the chance to create a website that effectively promotes your business and the solutions it provides.

How To Build and Optimize Your B2B Sales Website?

Choose no-code tools to build the website

Since you’re going to maximize your website for marketing and sales purposes, it’s much better if the website can also be maintained by them.

These days, managing a website is not really a rocket science anymore, since there are no-code tools to help you. To put it simply, a no-code tool is a piece of software which enables anyone to build and manage websites and applications without writing code. 

This is something we did when SOL-X, a leading IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) safety technology company centered on human factors, came to natuno team to redesign their marketing website. At that time, we chose to use webflow, a no-code website making platform to ensure that the SOL-X team can always expand the website easily in the long term.

Understand your customers & provide the information they need

Your customers are more likely to independently research what they are looking for before speaking with the salesperson directly. When they are satisfied with the information they discover, they will ask further questions. Therefore, you must make the most of your website so that it can offer the answers your potential clients are seeking.

B2B Website

Don't merely create a website that contains your contact information like a business card. Instead, highlight who you are, what you do, and how your product and service  can offer a solution to your customers’ problems and help their business grow.  

Craft a catchy headline and put it at the top of your website to hook them. Learn more about how you can optimize your website’s above the fold content here.

Show your credibility & what makes you better than competitors

The B2B purchasing process can be a long journey.  They will make decisions with more logic and less emotion. Therefore, after you show that you are capable of helping to solve their business problems, you also need to convince them that you’re trustworthy and better than competitors.

Keep in mind that B2B buyers will thoroughly research their choices and compare them. Thus, you need to showcase your credibility, reputation, and area of expertise on your website. For instance, display your previous works, case studies, client testimonials, and achievements.

How our customer SOL-X demonstrates their competence is by showing that they have been featured in numerous magazines in the relevant fields.

Make your website a search engine magnet

Recall how statistics show that the majority of B2B buyers find information online? Knowing this, it is now your duty to make sure to increase the visibility of your website.

One strategy to achieve it is to fill your website with content that focuses on the keywords your potential customers often search. For instance, you can publish blog posts about subjects and keywords relevant to your business. By doing this, you can demonstrate your knowledge while also enhancing the visibility of your website.

Also, make sure that your pages have clear titles and meta descriptions, so that both Google and visitors can understand what each page is about. Consider the words and phrases that customers use to find services like yours, then include these words in the copy and metadata of your website.

Provide a noticeable Call to Action

Now that there are customers who are interested in your product or service, what’s next? You must want them to get in touch with you directly, right?

Then don’t make them waste their time by putting a noticeable CTA on the top section of your website. Ensure that your team is only one call away if your customers need any further explanation.

Your potential consumers are more likely to go elsewhere if you are difficult to contact. They will probably wonder, "How can I trust them for further collaboration if they are not responsive from the beginning?"

Following these five things will help you to transform and maximize your B2B website as a highly potential marketing funnel. Get in touch with us if you wish to fully elevate your website. We would be delighted to help your business grow by contributing our expertise. 

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