The B2B sales landscape is evolving rapidly, especially in the digital era. In this interview, Mahesa Krishna Raditya, PGN's Marketing Manager, shares how this state-owned Indonesian natural gas company is embracing the power of digital transformation.

Here are the key takeaways he shared:

1. Ditch outdated tactics: Move beyond phone calls and the limitations of social media. Build a user-friendly website with clear information tailored for B2B customers.
2. Data is king: Leverage data analytics to understand customer behavior and personalize your sales approach.
3. Empower your team: Simply building a website or other online channels isn't enough. Train your sales team to navigate the digital landscape and foster a culture of continuous learning.

For many B2B companies, the sales game feels stuck in the past. Imagine relying on phone calls and conferences to reach a limited audience, hoping for a lucky connection. Sounds frustrating, right?

But what if you could streamline your sales process, expand your reach exponentially, and provide a more engaging experience for potential customers?

That's exactly what PGN, a leading Indonesian natural gas company, achieved by embracing the power of digital transformation.

Their story highlights a crucial point – in the digital era, B2B sales success goes beyond just having a website. It's about empowering your team and creating a winning digital strategy.

We sat down with Mahesa Krishna Raditya, Marketing Manager at PGN, to delve into their journey. PGN recently took a significant step forward by revamping their website, and the results are impressive.
But their story goes beyond the website itself. It's a testament to the importance of a holistic digital approach, where technology and team empowerment go hand-in-hand.

How to elevate your B2B sales

Mas Khrisna, PGN recently revamped its website. Before the revamp, how did the company typically conduct B2B sales?

Prior to the digital era, our marketing and sales efforts were primarily focused on offline channels, with some limited online presence through SMS blasts and WhatsApp group broadcasts. However, these methods proved to be less effective in generating substantial leads and attracting potential customers.

Recognizing the limitations of traditional methods, PGN began exploring the potential of digital channels around 2020. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram emerged as valuable tools for introducing our products and services to a wider audience. We started by sharing product knowledge through engaging posts and incorporating call-to-action buttons that directed users to registration forms.

How to elevate your B2B sales

However, we soon realized the limitations of social media in terms of information accessibility. A single post couldn't adequately convey the depth and detail of our offerings, and the changing algorithms posed a challenge in maintaining consistent reach.

Furthermore, our legal team emphasized the importance of offering comprehensive product information upfront to potential customers before registration. Social media's limited format made this difficult to achieve.  These limitations ultimately led us to explore a more comprehensive online solution – a dedicated website.

And how’s the journey in developing the website? What were you hoping and how has it impacted things on the sales and marketing side? What led to the decision to revamp PGN's website and develop a dedicated landing page?

The initial landing page MVP was image-based, which limited its searchability by search engines. This prompted us to collaborate with Natuno on a website revamp. With the website revamp, we had a few key things in mind.

First and foremost, we wanted to make the website user-friendly and engaging. You know, something that keeps people interested and clicking around. 

Second, we wanted to make sure all the information about our products and services was clear, detailed, and easy to find. Social media posts just couldn't handle all the details we wanted to share.

Finally, we focused on improving the website's SEO so that anyone searching for PGN online would find us right away.

How to elevate your B2B sales

And the impact has been positive. For example, people are spending more time on the website, going from an average of 9-10 seconds per visit before the revamp to a solid 20-30 seconds now. That's a good sign they're finding the content engaging.
Plus, they're not just sticking to one page – the average number of pages viewed per visit has jumped to 1.4. This tells us they're actually exploring the website and learning more about what we offer.

We're also seeing a real increase in customer engagement. More people are reaching out with inquiries, more are registering for Gaskita, and more are moving through the sales funnel overall. It's clear that the website revamp has been a game-changer for our sales activity and marketing efforts.

How does pitching to B2B clients differ from pitching to B2C customers?

When it comes to B2B sales, we're dealing with decision-makers who are primarily concerned with business value and ROI. They need to understand how our products or services can directly impact their bottom line. So, our pitching approach needs to be more data-driven, focusing on specific metrics and case studies that demonstrate the tangible benefits we can deliver.

In contrast, B2C marketing often emphasizes emotional appeals and storytelling to connect with consumers on a personal level. While emotions can play a role in B2B decisions, the focus is more on logic and business justification.

Can you share an example of a successful B2B sales story driven by digital strategies that inspired PGN to adopt similar approaches?

We often draw inspiration from international papers. One that stands out is a case study from McKinsey that highlighted the effectiveness of digital strategies in generating leads and closing deals for B2B companies.

This case study demonstrated that B2B sales could indeed thrive in the digital landscape, and it played a significant role in motivating us to explore similar approaches for PGN.

Can you elaborate on how PGN has adapted its website to cater to both B2C and B2B audiences?

Recognizing the distinct needs of B2C and B2B customers, we took a two-pronged approach when revamping our website. Upon landing on the PGN website, users can now choose between dedicated B2C and B2B sections.

How to elevate your B2B sales

The B2C section caters to individual consumers, offering information about our residential gas services, payment options, and customer support. It's designed to be user-friendly and visually appealing, addressing the preferences of individual homeowners.

On the other hand, the B2B section is tailored for businesses, providing in-depth information about our commercial gas solutions, case studies, online meeting requests and energy calculators.

It includes features like the "Book an Online Meeting" tool, which allows businesses to have an online meeting for 30 minutes with our sales agent. This tool has proven to be a valuable asset in attracting and engaging potential B2B clients.

How to elevate your B2B sales

By segmenting our website and tailoring content to specific audience needs, we've been able to enhance the overall user experience and drive better engagement with both B2C and B2B customers.

With the revamped website and the shift in sales channels, how has PGN ensured its sales team is equipped to handle these changes?

Sure, revamping a website is just one piece of the puzzle.
We knew it was crucial to equip our sales team with the knowledge and skills they needed to excel in this new digital environment. That's why we rolled out a comprehensive training program specifically designed for our B2B sales team.

This wasn't a one-time thing either. We developed a detailed SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for online meetings, outlining clear roles and responsibilities for each participant. This not only ensures a smooth experience for our clients but also empowers our team to confidently navigate the online meeting landscape.

But we don't stop there. We understand the importance of continuous learning and adaptation.  In response to requests from our team for refresher training sessions, we're committed to ongoing support. This demonstrates their eagerness to stay ahead of the curve, and we'll continue fostering a culture of continuous learning within our sales force. 

By empowering them with the  necessary knowledge and skills, we're ensuring PGN's sales efforts remain effective and well-aligned with the ever-evolving digital landscape.

How to elevate your B2B sales

Looking ahead, what key trends do you anticipate shaping the future of B2B sales, and what plans do you have in place to adapt and thrive in this evolving landscape?

First, data is king. We're heavily investing in data analytics to gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior and preferences. This allows us to personalize our sales approach and tailor messaging to specific customer segments, maximizing our impact.

Second, user experience is a top priority. We'll continue to analyze user behavior and optimize our website and digital channels to provide a seamless and engaging journey for potential customers.

For instance, we've noticed a drop-off point in the sales funnel, prompting us to consider streamlining the navigation process by eliminating a redundant page. Every step should be user-friendly and keep people engaged.

We're also taking user engagement to the next level with scroll-based analytics. This tracks how far down users scroll on our website pages, revealing what content resonates most with our audience. By understanding their preferences, we can refine our content strategy to keep them interested and informed.

Finally, we're bringing a touch of fun to the internal sales game! Inspired by Duolingo's gamification approach, we're implementing similar elements to motivate our sales team.

Imagine earning points for uploading meeting minutes – it fosters knowledge sharing and collaboration in a way that's both fun and productive. We believe that incorporating these gamification elements can boost motivation and engagement within our sales force.


Thank you, Mas Khrisna, for sharing!

PGN's journey highlights the importance of embracing digital transformation in today's B2B sales landscape.
By revamping their website, empowering their team, and staying data-driven, PGN is well-positioned to thrive in the ever-evolving digital world.
Their story serves as an inspiration for B2B companies everywhere, reminding them that the future of sales lies in ditching the outdated tactics and embracing the power of digital strategies. 
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