When a new founder just recently started an early-stage business that requires a website or app, sometimes there would be a thought, "I need to hire a team of IT professionals right away as I don’t understand how to code."

However, as you have just started to build and create solutions, you will first go through a lot of trials and errors. The first focus shouldn’t be on building a "fancy exterior," but validating your core idea.

Why is no-code important? 

Therefore it’s better not to hire a costly team of IT professionals right away. Instead, you can make use of the no-code tools. They are great options to build basic MVP apps or websites without requiring you to code. 

A no-code platform uses a visual development interface. It's important because it reduces barriers and democratizes the possibility for anybody to transform their idea into a functioning app or piece of software. Building applications with no-code doesn't require any prior coding knowledge.

The no-code ecosystem is currently on the rise, and even it is expected by Gartner, a technological and consulting firm, that by 2025, 70% of new applications developed by enterprises will use low-code or no-code technologies.

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Source: https://www.consultingwhiz.com/blog/ultimate-guide-to-no-code-development/

How does no-code tools work?

The convenience of no-code is made possible by the drag-and-drop feature. A visual drag-and-drop interface enables users to quickly develop an application from scratch. Many platforms offer pre-built templates that may be customized to quickly build and execute your product. 

Since everything has already been constructed or visually modeled, there isn't really any scripting required. Moreover, the abundance of workflow and automation tools that are also no-code platforms ensure smooth interaction between the platforms and other apps.

Examples of no-code tools

Webflow → no-code website builder
Bubble → no-code web app builder
Bravo → no-code app builder
Glide → no-code app builder

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Source: https://uxdesign.cc/trying-no-code-tools-as-a-designer-116c991eb683

What are the benefits of adopting a no-code development platform?

No-code helps you to focus on validating your idea & enhance the user experience

New products are pointless if they don’t actually fulfill the users' needs. Unfortunately, this happens quite a lot, as one of the most common reasons why startups fail is a lack of market needs.

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Source: https://www.thenocodeway.com/accelerate-validation-ideas-no-code/

The fact that some early-stage businesses become so focused on functionality and lose sight of what users really need is one of the basic issues with the old method. As a result, user experience suffers and apps fall short of expectations.

Thus, at the beginning, what you need to focus on is to do the research, validate your idea, and do user testing. This will already cost quite a lot of time, money, and energy. For the app and website building parts, you can make use of the no-code tools.

Reducing the cost and workload of starting a new business

Companies can reduce development costs and accelerate time to market by using no-code. In contrast to traditional programming, which typically takes weeks or months to produce the first result, when you put together an application from pre-made blocks, you might get the finished product in a matter of days or weeks.  

Additionally, a large team of programming experts is not required for no-code development. In addition to being expensive, it could be challenging to supervise programmers' work if you don't fully understand their workflow and process.

Anyone can do it

Thanks to no-code tools, anyone can create and maintain websites and applications without writing code. No-code can change the nature of the connection between the IT and business teams by giving business teams a co-creative role in which they can design and implement solutions in an IT environment. 

No code
Source: https://www.aurora-ecs.com/insights/how-nocode-technology-is-revolutionising-digital-transformation/

When our client, SOL-X, a safety technology company, came to us to redesign their marketing website, we decided to develop it using Webflow. We selected a no-code platform to ensure that the SOL-X team can always simply manage the website throughout time.

Iterating your product more easily and quickly

For developing a minimum viable product, using a no-code tool is ideal. It enables quick adjustments if necessary and low-cost idea validation. No-code MVPs are designed to be simpler, quicker, and easier to develop and modify. 

The entire procedure goes much more quickly because you are in total control. Furthermore, when you get the feedback, it would be easier for you to modify it,

To wrap it up, you may now try to turn your idea into a product easier, quicker, and cheaper with the no-code tools. The focus right now should be on how to do accurate research and validation so that the products we create are really what the users need. 

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