In the ever-changing world of business, a new approach called digital transformation has become a key to success and growth. Among the stories of triumph in the face of change, one company's journey shines bright: Blue Bird Group, Indonesia's largest taxi operator. 

With a history spanning more than five decades since its establishment in 1972, Blue Bird has not only faced challenges but has also shown us how a traditional business can adapt and flourish in the digital age.

Blue Bird

A Journey of Strength Through Digital Transformation

As technology rapidly advanced, the rise of ride-hailing apps in 2016 posed a big challenge to traditional taxi services like Blue Bird. Many thought that regular taxis would disappear, but Blue Bird proved them wrong. Instead of giving up, they found a way to succeed. 

They stayed true to their values, earned the loyalty of their customers, and even won the prestigious Digital Transformer Appreciation at the IDC Digital Transformation Awards in 2020.

Milestones Along the Way

Blue Bird's journey is marked by important moments that show how they changed and improved over time:

1972: Blue Bird began its journey with just 25 taxis in Jakarta.
1994: They made things more organized by introducing a computerized call center.
2011: Blue Bird entered the digital world with a taxi reservation app called MyBlueBird.
2016: They embraced cashless payments, making it easier for customers to pay.
2017: Blue Bird teamed up with Gojek, a ride-hailing service, to offer more options to customers.
2022: They joined forces with BCA, a bank, to make it even easier for people to book taxis through a mobile app.

Valuable Lessons From Blue Bird's Journey

Blue Bird's journey teaches us important lessons about succeeding in the digital world:

Lesson 1 - Making Customers Happy

For Blue Bird, customer satisfaction takes the center stage. One example is their creation of the MyBluebird app, offering customers a seamless experience where customers can effortlessly book rides, track taxis in real-time, enjoy fixed prices, and make cashless payments for added convenience. 

They also constantly update the app with new features, keeping the design fresh and captivating.

Lesson 2 - Staying True to Who You Are

Blue Bird's digital transformation journey started with a deep understanding of their business and core values. They strategically leverage their strengths in safety, reliability, and experienced drivers while introducing the MyBluebird app to cater to changing customer preferences. 

Instead of rushing, they smoothly integrated technology, ensuring a seamless transition without disrupting their core operations. Different businesses and problems might need different approaches. 

Lesson 3 -  People and Technology Together

In one interview, Muhammad Suhada, Blue Bird's VP of Information Technology, emphasized that digital transformation cannot be achieved from a technology perspective alone. 

He highlighted the importance of people and technology going hand in hand, with an emphasis on investing in people first. Successful transformation requires the right skills, mindset, and people's buy-in.

And that's precisely how Blue Bird accomplished their remarkable journey towards digital transformation. 

Lesson 4 - Embrace Collaboration

Blue Bird

In the spirit of cooperation, Blue Bird exemplifies the power of collaboration, even with perceived "competitors" like Gojek in 2017. Through this partnership, customers can conveniently book Blue Bird taxis through the Gojek app.

By joining forces, neither party falls behind; instead, they thrive together. This strategic collaboration opens doors to new opportunities and mutual advantages for both Blue Bird and Gojek. 

Gojek expands its driver pool, while Blue Bird gais access to Gojek's vast customer base. Moreover, Blue Bird can learn from Gojek's expertise in digital product building, while Gojek gains valuable insights from Blue Bird's driver nurturing and customer loyalty strategies.

As the famous saying goes, "If you want to thrive, embrace adaptation in the face of disruption." Blue Bird's journey stands as a testament to this sentiment. 

Their success story showcases the importance of adaptability and a forward-thinking mindset. Inspired by their transformational voyage, businesses are encouraged to embark on their own journey of digital transformation.

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