As technology continues to advance, the government is increasingly providing online services to its citizens. Having an intuitive and easy-to-use website is crucial for effective communication between citizens and the government. However, with every government agency having its own website, there is a lack of consistency, which can lead to confusion and difficulty for users.

This is where a design system can be a game-changer, providing a standardized set of design guidelines that ensure that all government websites have a consistent look and feel, regardless of the agency responsible.

Indonesia Still Doesn’t Have a Design System in Place

In the previous post, we discussed how some governments around the world have their own design systems for their public service sites and apps. For example, Estonia, Italy, and Singapore.

Meanwhile, Indonesia still does not have a design system in place. This means that all public service websites and apps operate independently, resulting in inconsistencies in design and functionality.

Indonesia Design System

But What if We Too Had a Design System?

A design system for public service websites in Indonesia could bring many benefits to the table. In this article,  let’s discuss some of the main advantages of having a standardized design system for government websites!

Accessibility for All

Every citizen has the right to easily access government websites and services. A well-designed system is key to ensuring accessibility for all. It can provide standardized design elements, such as color schemes, typography, and layouts that are optimized for easy reading and navigation. 

This can ensure that all government websites are easy to use for everyone, including those with disabilities.

Efficiency and Standardization

A design system provides pre-made interface components that promote consistency and standardization across government websites and apps, regardless of who is in leadership. We know that the duration of a position in Indonesia’s leadership is not long. Moreover, there is a tendency for policies to change along with the change of leadership, which leads to a lack of continuity or sustainability of a project.

By providing a set of standardized design components, a design system can help government agencies create and launch new websites and services more efficiently, even when the people in charge change.

This not only reduces the costs and time required to develop new sites from scratch but also streamlines the development process, saving time and resources.

A Positive Representation

A well-designed government website can also serve as a branding tool for the country. It can help create a positive impression of Indonesia, portraying it as a modern and technologically advanced country. 

A design system can provide a standardized set of design guidelines that ensure that all government websites have a consistent look and feel, which can help create a strong brand image for Indonesia.

GovTech Edu: An Example of Govtech Development in Indonesia

Certain sectors of the Indonesian government have made progress in govtech development, such as the Ministry of Education's GovTech Edu. This technology-based ecosystem provides a range of products to support quality education in Indonesia, including the following:

Design System Indonesia

Merdeka Mengajar Platform → A learning platform enabling teachers to upskill themselves, access context-specific teaching materials and share best practices.
Rapor Pendidikan → Personalized report dashboard on national assessment results for each school and region nationwide to provide a data-driven report and recommendations. → A digital identity and single sign on (SSO) account for students, teachers, school administrators, and education department administrators to access all platforms and products within Kemendikbudristek’s platforms. 

GovTech Edu is a great example of how technology can be used to improve education in Indonesia, and it demonstrates the potential for further govtech development in the country.

However, despite the progress made in certain sectors, there is still a need for consistent quality across all government websites and services. By implementing a design system, the government can not only ensure accessibility for all citizens but also streamline the development process and save time and resources. 

Let's hope that the government continues to invest in govtech development to create a more modern and technologically advanced Indonesia.

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