Every day, we help our partners create better digital products that connect people, tech, and business goals through human-centered design. As the new year begins, we look back and feel thankful for the chance to work with a variety of clients throughout 2022. Take a peek of some of these projects:


Natuno's Journey in 2022

Empowering Indonesian blue collar workers to find their dream jobs with a one-stop job search platform.

Astra Life

Natuno's Journey in 2022

Simplifying the process of getting insurance for protection with a user-friendly website redesign. 


Natuno's Journey in 2022

Designing a promotion discovery feature for Traveloka Accommodation to help travellers find their dream deals.


Natuno's Journey in 2022

Creating a mobile app MVP for an easy, quick, and enjoyable grocery shopping experience. 


Natuno's Journey in 2022

Revamping the NFT purchasing process to create a seamless experience for all. 



Natuno's Journey in 2022

Designing internal tools for the ground sales team to better understand buyers’ needs and close more deals. 

And the list goes on! We're also thrilled to be working on other exciting projects in various fields, including government initiatives. 

Natuno Weddings

Natuno's Journey in 2022

In 2022, we started Natuno Weddings: offering a new way to celebrate your special day.

Natuno Insights

Natuno's Journey in 2022

We're also excited to share more Natuno Insights through our blog, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Have you checked them out?

Each project we took on brought new challenges and allowed us to explore, learn many things, and grow. Thank you for all your support & here’s to a fantastic 2023! 

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